Mike Dunleavy

Governor of Alaska

At the dawn of the last century, humans were born into a world dominated by coal and candlelight. Incredibly, the earliest centenarians of the Greatest Generation would go on to witness the transition from horses to national highways, our first steps on the moon, the transformative early days of the internet, and perhaps the most important step forward in human history: the rise of the humble lightbulb and the energy revolution it represented.

Today, we are again on the precipice of a new technological era. The commercialization of hydrogen fuels – once thought to be a distant dream – is now within our reach. In a matter of years, electric and autonomous vehicles will reduce the costs of transportation from 60 cents per mile to just 10 cents. Carbon is being extracted from the air, commercialized, and even turned into disposable silverware. The world we leave our children and grandchildren will be unrecognizable from the one we entered.

The Alaska Sustainable Energy Conference is a chance to join visionaries, researchers, and policymakers from across the world as we imagine what that future might look like and explore the technologies that will change everything.

And what better place to explore the future of sustainability than Alaska – a land filled with more renewable energy potential than nearly any place on earth. From the fast tides of the Cook Inlet, to vast, untapped deposits of critical minerals, to the renewable microgrids that dot the far north, Alaska stands ready to lead the coming transition.

If you’re as passionate as I am about pioneering the future of energy systems, I invite you to join me next May in the beautiful Last Frontier. I look forward to engaging with each of you on critical topics like energy resilience, reducing energy costs, and the future of energy as we work to ensure that every community is ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.

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